Wednesday, May 31, 2006
X Men 3
Tonight Bren and I decided to drive down to Penrith to go see X Men 3. I loved it, but then I love Hugh Jackman in anything:)

Not much happening at the moment. I started another Shepherds Bush Stocking and am still stitching Reed's Stocking into a stocking. I will take some photos soon:)
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Saturday, May 27, 2006
It's Been A Chilly Few Days
Sorry I have been away the last few days. It has just been such an exhausting few days getting the back part of the shop together after the flooding. It has been so cold in the shop as we have had to have this big blowing machine on to dry out the wet carpet and because of this the doors had to stay open during the day. Not something you want with all this cold weather. The carpet cleaner came back late yesterday after most of the underlay was dry and steam cleaned the carpet. After this was done we were finally able to start moving everything back. Needless to say, with the shop not being able to be heated, it has freshened up my cold. I have been just getting home each day, having a hot bath and curling up in front of the TV. No stitching done I'm afraid. At least tomorrow we can put the heat back on:)

To everyone who asked, my SB stocking was saved and is as good as new:) Hooray!!

One thing we did do this week was go see the DaVinci Code which Bren and I both enjoyed. Not a bad adaptation of the book. Plus I love Paul Bettany who I though was great:) Next week we are off to see X Men 3:) I love Hugh Jackman as well :) One bit of good news during the was the arrival of our Boy From Oz tickets. Hugh Jackman is doing a limited run of the production in August. I am so excited. I can't wait.

I did manage to go get my hair cut yesterday. I decided my long hair days are behind me and had it cut into a nice, easy to manage short cut. I was growing it out but my lifestyle is just so busy these days that I just can't be bothered spending ages each morning getting it to look half decent. I am so much happier with it nice and short. It doesn't get it the way when I am stitching now:)
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Tuesday, May 23, 2006
And the rain came down
Well, it has been a very long tiring day. We came into the shop today to find the back room flooded. Sound familiar Carol? VBG. It was a freak thing that happened. Apparently, during the bad storm last night, a ton of slushy snow/ice fell and it happened so fast that the drainpipe from the roof filled with ice and blocked, causing the water to flow “upwards” up the roof and into the ceiling. Luckily, not a lot of stock was damaged as this only happened out where we have the classes not in the front rooms where most of the stock is kept. Some fabric got wet, but not enough to get upset about. The most distressing thing for me was that my SB stocking looked ruined as it was on the cutting table waiting for me to tack it all together and sew it into a stocking and got saturated. The WDW perle ran all over it. I was gutted. I took it home and soaked it for the day. Then tonight I rubbed some stain remover into the bad parts and gave it a run through the washing machine and it seems to have gotten most of it now. There is still a little that has bled near the heart so I think what I might do is make the heart a little bit bigger. I am really relieved.

To make matters worse, Jan, our landlord is overseas in Norway for 6 weeks. She just arrived there this morning. She told us to contact her granddaughter in her absence if anything went wrong. Her poor granddaughter was a bit lost when she came around to see the damage but contacted her grandmothers insurance company and got the ball rolling. The assessor should arrive tomorrow to review the damage and then we can start getting things fixed, eg, carpets cleaned, electrical wiring fixed etc. We did get the fire alarm re-wired today as that had to be done for our insurance. Jan phoned us from Norway tonight to let us know that everything was being done as quickly as possible and said not to hesitate to get things fixed in her absence, after we get the go ahead from her insurer tomorrow. It was nice to get the call. All in all, it could have been a lot worse. Oh well, tomorrow is another day. VBG. Thanks for letting me vent:)
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Monday, May 22, 2006
Finally some rain

We finally got some rain tonight. Here is the storm coming across the mountains. This was taken on our way home today. It poured just as we got home. We still need much much more, but at least it is a start.
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Saturday, May 20, 2006
Brendon's (Reed's) Stocking finished
Well, I went back to work to today. Still getting over this rotten cold but at least it is breaking up now, although I am going through boxes of tissues. LOL. I managed to get the stitching finished on Bren's Stocking. I will put the charms on tomorrow and make it into a stocking. I want to get as many of the SB stockings done as I can as I would like to hang them on the mantlepiece at the shop in the Christmas section. Up here in the mountains we have a big Yuletide festival from June to August during the Winter months.

Thanks to everyone for all the get well wishes. Tannia, nice to hear from you. No need to apologise for my birthday as I realised the other day that I missed yours as well, so we're even. VBG. I hope all is well:)

By teh way, I have a customer who is after 3 old designs that she can't find anywhere and neither can I. I told her I would do my best to find them but so far I am having no luck. They are Enchantress Mermaid, Galleons by Karen Brittan and Moonlit ?? (opps, I can't remember the second word in the title. I know this last one is by The Craft Collection). I will check the second name in the morning. Any help would be greatly apreciated:)

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Thursday, May 18, 2006
A bright spot in my day
Well, I'm afraid my cold has gone from bad to worse today. Bren held down the fort at the shop today and will do it again tomorrow so I could rest at home, God Bless him:) One bright spark in my day is this lovely RAK from Carol. She knew I loved this Blackbird Designs chart - Garland Fair and sent me the chart and a piece of R&R fabric for it as well. What a lovely surprise from a lovely friend. Thanks Carol:)
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Tuesday, May 16, 2006
I've got a bug

Well, I had planned to do some stitching tonight but I'm afraid I have woken up with a very sore throat and have been feeling progressively worse as the day has gone on. I guess all the long hours and little sleep have led to getting run down and now I've ended up with a cold. Not to worry, I'll just dose up on some vitamen C and get an early night. I was determined to post tonight though as I want to try to get back into my daily postings:)
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Monday, May 15, 2006
I'm back...finally
Hi everyone,

Sorry I have been away so long. We have been so busy getting the new shop up and running. Bren and I had about 4 days in a row where we were getting by on only about 4 hours sleep a night as we had to be ready to re-open on the day we had said we would. We`made it but even now, a week later, we still have more to set up and are still feeling exhausted. Here are some photos of the new shop. We have done quite a bit more since these were taken. I will take some more in a month or so when everything is how we want it to be. Still, it's getting there. Bren and I love it. We have so much more room:)

I have thanked her already but I want to share what a wonderful birthday present I received from Carol. A great Red Sox T Shirt, a dragonfly note pad, Walk The Line DVD, a wonderful quilt book and a box of my favourite Milk Duds!!! (the Milk Duds are not in the photo as I had eaten them by the time I took the photo:)) All wonderful and shows how well she knows me. I'm am so lucky to have a wondeful fried like Carol:) Thank you so much to everyone who wished me a happy birthday. Mt birthday was our first day of moving everything and the day was not without it's dramas. We could get in a large display rack or the table we use for classes. Both were too wide to get in the doors. The shop is an old cottage and the doors are not as wide as new houses. Bren and I spent hours taking them apart and putting them back together inside the house. During the day though, a friend stopped by to bring me flowers, which were beautiful. We popped home to have some dinner on the Saturday night and were pleasantly surprised by a lovely couple, Mark and Sheila, who have become friends of ours since we moved to the mountains. They called in to bring me a present and share a bottle of champagne with us. They knew we would be working hard on my birthday and thought we should celebrate a little at least. It really was a fun couple of hours with them before we went back to the shop later that night. My dad also called in during the day. He was on his way back to Bathurst (the other side of the mountains) after a week's visit to Tasmania. It was great to see him`as well. He bought me a beautiful antique dragonfly brooch from a little shop in Tasmania. Just gorgeous. All in all it was a nice birthday.

The main drawback of the last couple of weeks is that I haven't done a single stitch. I am hoping to get some stitching done tomorrow night though:)

Today I had to do one of my least favourite things....go to the dentist. I was eating a piece of toffee last night and chipped my front tooth. Ouch!! I had a filling done today and it's as good as new:)

Well, I hope to get back to my nightly blogging and am looking forward to catching up on everyone's Blogs:)

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Thursday, May 04, 2006
Last Day In The Old Shop
Hi everyone. Sorry I haven't been blogging the last couple of days. Bren and I have been burning the midnight oil getting the new shop ready for when the removalists arrive on Saturday. We had our last day of trading in our old shop today Yayyyyy!!!! It's going to be exhausting over the next few days but I will get back to my daily blogging after we re-open on Tuesday. I am having stitching withdrawals. LOL.

I look forward to catching up on what everyone else is doing next week.

Carol, I have been searching all over the house for my birthday present but have had no luck. Now Bren has also hidden my present from his mum and dad as well. Arrrgghhhh!!LOL. Only one more day to wait:)
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Monday, May 01, 2006
We finally have the keys
Wow, what an exhausting couple of days. Over the weekend we were getting everything ready before having to pick up the keys to the new shop when we got a call from the owner of the cottage to say that she had a message from her solicitor late Friday to say that the lease had not been executed properly. She wasn't able to reach her by the end of business of Friday to find out why. I can't believe that her solicitor had the signed lease back on Thursday and we were just hearing about a problem on Sunday. Especailly when we were due to pick up the keys at 9am this morning (Monday). Needless to say we had another sleepless night last night. The good news is that everything ended up being in order today. There had just been a typo with a date. All was fixed and we finally picked up the keys today. Over the next few days we will get some of the fixtures up and begin our move on Friday with the aim to re-open on Tuesday. Yayyyy!! I will post some before photos tomorrow and after photos next week.

I know we are a long way from the rest of the world here in Australia but I have to share some amazing good news. About a week ago there was a small earthquake down in Tasmania (a state of Australia). As a result, 3 miners were trapped a kilometre underground. Over the next few days one poor man was found dead. As the days went by it looked like there was no hope for the remaining 2 men. Well last night, 6 days after the cave in, the 2 men were found to be alive. Just incredible!!! They are in good condition all things considered. They are hoping to have them back to the surface in the next 48 hours. I guess miracles do happen!!

Carol, more good news. My birthday present arrived today. Brendon checked the mail and asked me to tell you it has arrived so you wouldn’t worry, BUT…. he has hidden it on me!!!!. He said, as we will be in the middle of moving shops on Saturday it will give me a nice start to my birthday. It's going to drive me crazy. LOL.
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