Friday, September 22, 2006
Another Rescue
Well it was another call to WIRES last night. Late yesterday afternoon I walked out the back just in time to see the horrid cat from across the road sneaking up on an injured baby King Parrot in our backyard. (Buster, my beagle, was asleep in his kennel. What a great watchdog. LOL) I chased the cat out of our yard and put the little bird into a cardboard box. I thought maybe her wing was hurt but I think she was more frightened and concussed. I am guessing she fell out of the tree perhaps. I phoned WIRES who are the Australian wild animal rescue service and they came and picked her up. They said they would look after her and when she is better will let her out close to our house where she is familiar with everything. Poor little thing. I see so many native birds ripped to pieces by cats around here. It makes me so angry. Recently I was standing on our back deck looking at all the beautifil birds on one of our feeders in the back yard, when I saw the same cat from across the road peering out from a bush/shrub at the fence behind our feeder. It was just waiting to pounce on the feeder. I saw it in enought time to make a loud noise and scare the birds away just as the cat jumped on the feeder. Luckily the birds got away. I don't want to think of the mess I would have found in the backyard had I not have been there:( I got Bren to cut back the bush so the birds could see the cat if it tried it again. The trouble is that when you say something to the neighbour they just look at you, almost amused, and tell you there is nothing they can do. So frustrating. I don't mean to offend all the cat lovers out there, but I really think that the same rule that applies to dogs not being allowed to roam out of their own yard should also apply to cats as well. A friend of mine owns 3 Siamese cats and she would be one of the most responsible cat owners, along with Carol S, that I know. Her husband built a long cat enclosure right down the side of their house so when the cats are not inside, they are in this huge cat run. Anyway, off my sop box. I was just so upset last night at what almost happened. Oh, and in case anyone is wondering how I know the King Parrot was a girl. The girls are all green, while the boys are a beautiful bright red and green:)

BTW, thanks to Anne for letting me know what I missed by not staying for the credits at Pirates Of The Carribean 2. I hadn't heard Anne, so thanks for that:)

On the stitching front, I haven't been doing much lately but I did get some out last night. I have started Villages Of Hawk Run Hollow that Carol sent me the gorgeous fabric for. When I have done more I will post a photo.

And last but not least, on the Weight Watchers front. I have now lost 11kgs (25lbs) and reached the Weight Watchers goal weight. My personal goal weight is still anouther 6kgs (12lbs) away, but I am so happy there is now more behind than in front. I really feel I am now eating a more healthy, well balanced diet. And I get to keep my carbs in it as well. LOL. As many of you probably know, I am a carb junkie!! Bren and I bought some exercise equipment for home and that is making a lot of difference too. Now that Spring is here and it is almost time for Daylight Savings, we will start our afternoon walks again soon as well. I am hoping to be at my goal weight by Christmas as Bren and I are going up to his parents' place at Tea Gardens for Christmas and they live right on the beach so I want to buy a nice new swimming costume before we go:)

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Tuesday, September 05, 2006
Spring Has Sprung
After a rather long week it was a lovely surprise to open my mailbox and receive such a wonderful RAK from Carol. She sent me this beautiful Autumn Leaves Patchwork kit. I just love it and can't wait to get stitching:) There was also a lovely Silkrweavers aida pack as well!!! Thanks again Carol:)

Well, Spring has sprung. Here are some photos from our front yard:

From sunny news to sad news. My condolences go out to Steve Irwin's family after his tragic accident yesterday. Just a horrible thing to happen.

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