Sunday, December 30, 2007
A Day Down South
What a big day it has been. Bren and I went for a drive down south for the day. On the way we called into Berrima Patchwork and I picked up a pretty fat 1/4 pack and a single fat 1/4.

We had a lovely lunch at Bungendore and went for a walk around all the antique shops before heading home. It was such a hot day that we both got sunburned. On the way home we pulled up at a lovely little creek and went wading to cool down. Here are 2 fun pics we took in the creek:) Not exactly flattering of either of us but a bit of fun:)

On the drive home we went past a paddock of emus. Bren loves emus:)

Tomorrow we will have a restful day at home. It is the start of the last week of our holidays. I hope to get lots of stitching done:)

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Saturday, December 29, 2007
A new shop display
Today I wanted to share a new display I have put up in the shop. Karlene from Katkins Designs is a local doll designer. She does not have a craft show to do now until February so she has loaned me some of her models for the shop. We have the patterns already so it is nice to have the dollies "in the flesh".

Speaking of dolls, I just finished "Florence". I am getting better at making dolls:)

I got a couple of my cross stitch finishes from this year back from the framer. Bren usually frames for me but he has been so busy I thought it would be quicker to have my other framer do them. When I picked these up I also dropped off Paradim Lost and The Token. They will be ready in a couple of weeks. The pics are not great due to the glass on them.

An Open Heart.

Seven Sailors (stitched for me by my friend Sandra)

And Indian Summer Reflections.

I received my square and signature square from Lizzie in the Fair & Square swap. I love it.

I also received a Biscornu from Janine. This is from a biscornu swap run by the Xsers Yahoo group here in Australia.

Bren and I met our friends Kylie and Frank down in the city last night for a lovely dinner at a Spanish restaurant called The Don Quixote. What a fabulous dinner and Kylie and I had way too much Sangria to drink. Needless to say Bren and Frank were the designated drivers for the night:)

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Thursday, December 27, 2007
A Great Christmas
Hi everyone,

I know it has been ages since my last post, but better late than never:) We had a lovely Christmas. Bren and I had my Dad and Margy over from Bathurst. It was a nice change as Margy usually spends it with her family, so it was good to have dad here on Christmas day. They stayed overnight and went home on Boxing Day. Bren cooked a lovely lunch and we had a couple of bottles of a very yummy Shiraz. All in all, it was a lovely day. Bren and Margy bought Bren and I a lovely piece of artwork for the walls (I forgot to take a pic). I got a wonderful present from my special friend Carol. She stitched me a beautiful Christmas Ornament, along with a lovely fat quater with dragonflies, a gorgeous pair of Gingher scissors and 2 magazines I have been reading cover to cover. I just love them!! Carol and I sent each other our pressies in 2 parts as we both ran out of time. Nothing unusual for me:) I will send part 2 of hers (which is the cross stitch part) in the next week.

Here is the ornament on our tree:)

I also received a lovely bag made by my friend Sandra. here is a pic:

Bren and I bought ourselves a pet galah, Rosie, about a month ago as an early Chrismas present for each other. She was hand reared and has quickly become a part of the family. She was 4 moths old on the 20th Dec. Here she is ripping open her Christmas present.

Bren and I are having a nice break over the holidays. Bren is on 2 weeks holidays and I am just popping into the shop on a couple of days. I put on my first staff member a couple of months ago and she is working most of the days over the break between Chrismas and New year.

It is lovely to catch up with friends at this time of year. Tomorrow night we are heading into the city for dinner at a lovey Spanish restaurant called Don Quioxte with our friends Kylie and Frank. We are really looking forward to that. Then we are off for a couple of days down the south coast. We will drive home on New Years day before starting back at work on Monday 7th.

I am finally all organised at the shop. All catalogues have been filed and just things in general are in place. I work so much better when things are tidy. I know they have just been things behind the scenes but they were still driving me crazy. Before the break I worked a lot of hours after the shop had closed each night to get everything done. I feel like I can start the new year fresh now. That includes blogging regularly and getting a lot of stitching done. I will put up my new years Resolutions up on the 31st:) I look forward to keeping in regular touch with everyone in 2008.

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