Saturday, April 01, 2006
A weekend with the In-Laws
Hi everyone,

Sorry I have not blogged the last 2 days. It has been busy at work and Bren and I have been our the last 2 days so I haven't had a chance to do much stitching or blogging. I will catch up with everyone's blogs over the next few days.

TOday my In-Laws arrived for the weekend. They live about 4 hours from here on the North Coast of NSW in a beautiful seaside town called Tea Gardens. It will be a busy weekend so I probably won't get a lot of stitching done until after they leave on Monday although Bren and I may go down to the city on Monday. We'll see.

I did get some stitching done tonight on Part 4 of Chatelaine Mystery IX. I have all the cross stitching done. Just have to do the specialty stitches and beading. A nice quick part. This is encouranging as it means I will probably finish this part tomorrow and it leaves the rest of the month free to stitch other projects. Yayyy!!! Carol, I see you are finished part 4 already. Nice job:) It looks great. Did you do the beading or the vegetables first? Also, where the symbol shows a 1/2 symbol for the beads does this just mean a whole bead goes there? I'm a little confused by the 1/2 symbol where a bead should be.

I hope the weather is nice tomorrow as we are taking Denis and Doreen to a lovely place called the Leura Cascades. These are lovely waterfalls that are not far from where we live so that should be nice. We'll then have a nice lunch and look around some of the antique and craft shops.

I hope to post a photo of Mystery IX tomorrow:)
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  • At 2:32 am, Blogger zoeandcooper said…

    I think that those threes are actually the Baby Corn from Gloriana. I had the same question. Pondering how to do a quarter stitch with beads until I noticed that the symbol for Baby Corn is also a three. Since Martina didn't mention beading in the direction I guessed she meant the thread. Very confusing!!!

  • At 2:52 am, Blogger Carol said…

    Hi, Half symbols for beads? I think they half symbols are baby corn and the green NPI, to help to shape around the greenish colored turnips. I didn't do any beading.... plan to do that later... going to grab the chart now since Leslie agrees with you... Oh no, I am right. See... the background of the 3 is yellow which is Baby Corn Gloriana :-) Forget what I said about the green NPI, those are all whole stitches anyhow.... I was up past 2 AM finishing, so my memory is a bit fuzzy....

    OK, you seriously need to post some pics again!! LOL Have a great weekend!

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