Friday, April 21, 2006
A long day
Well what a big day. I worked from home today as the hairdressers next to our shop had a big break in last night and the robbers cut all phone lines into our lane. As a result we didn't have the internet or phones at the shop so I went home to process orders and left Bren to pick them at the shop. Everything was fixed by later today so everything is back up and running. The hairdressers lost around $30,000 worth of stock. I feel so bad for them:(

Well we are yet to sign the lease on the new shop. There were a few mistakes on the lease but they have been fixed so we have an appointment to sign on Wednesday and will get the keys on the 1st May.

We have a 3 day weekend this weekend as we have the ANZAC Day public holiday next week.

Well I had an upsetting night last night. I was really upset about our dog Buster. I found a small lump near his throat. Bren and I were really worried it might be thyroid cancer. I took him to the vet today and she took a biopsy. She said it would either be a fatty cyst or thyroid related. Thank goodness it was just a fatty cyst. She said it won’t be a problem and not to worry about it. So that was a great relief. Needless to say we both had a sleepless night last night.

Not much stitching done but I did get some done on Southern Jewel. I think it is looking really pretty. Hopefully I should finish it by the end of the weekend:)
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  • At 1:11 am, Blogger bunnyhead said…

    What pretty stitching!

  • At 4:58 am, Blogger Kim said…

    I feel bad for the hair dressers, but at least they didn't break into your shop.

    Glad to hear Buster is okay! And your stitching is looking great! Hope you have good weekend. :D

  • At 8:58 am, Blogger Carol said…

    Yikes! So glad it wasn't your shop - and your move now could not be more timely! What a way to spend your bday weekend!! (I finished your gift shopping tonight and Mike will post your package off on Monday - this year I think I will get my gifts to you on time!)

    What a relief about Buster! I about cried when I read your email... glad it has a happy ending! Will email you tonight - the Red Sox are about to come on in four minutes so I better get settled in with my iced coffee and MTM!! Will send you the score later!

  • At 3:53 pm, Blogger Mel in Dubai said…

    Sounds like you are moving shop at the right time!

    Love Southern Jewel so far, and I'm so glad Buster is okay!!

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