Tuesday, February 21, 2006
Stargazer Yet again
Well as it was a work day I didn't get a lot of stitching done. Tonight I worked a bit more on Stargazer. I know it doesn't look like much but I got a good section of her skirt done today.

I am looking forward to Thursday as Bren holds down the fort at the shop and I have the day off (tommorrow is his day off). On Thursday I will have the day at home stitching and watching the Phantom Of The Opera DVD that Carol sent me. It is one of my favourite movies. I adore Gerard Butler who plays the Phantom:)

Bren teaches Silver Clay classes and today gave me a lovely pendant. I just love it. It is made of pure silver and dichroic gass.

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  • At 1:46 am, Blogger Carol said…

    Great - glad to hear Phantom arrived - I knew Mike sent it a while ago. Enjoy!!

    Stargazer looks lovely - I can see a lot of progress made yet again :-)

  • At 7:56 am, Blogger Kim said…

    Stargazer is so lovely! And that pendant is wonderful, love the glass in it. :D

    I am a huge fan of the Phantom of the Opera. LOVED the movie and have the dvd, it's one of my favorites. I saw the musical live a few years ago, but the movie just brings the whole thing to life. The opening sequence always gives me chills. :D

  • At 8:26 am, Blogger Bastet said…

    I can see the progress you made on stargazer, that's a fair bit to do for a short stitching session. The pendant is lovely. Saw Phantom when it came out at the theater. Didn't think I'd be able to see it till a male friend of mine decided to take me out and I got to pick the movie. He was hesitant but he'd promised. Funny thing is with all the heeing and hawing he did....the movie ended up in his collection on the day it came out.....

  • At 8:38 am, Blogger Von said…

    Hi Karen, Stargazer is a lovely design and it's coming along nicely. Love the pendant Bren made!!

  • At 9:12 am, Blogger Carol said…

    Oh, I forgot to mention! Your pendant is stunning!

  • At 10:18 am, Blogger AnneS said…

    The pendant Bren made is stunning - just beautiful. Hope you enjoy your day off stitching - everyone needs a "me" day every now and then just to stitch, it helps to keep us sane :) Stargazer is coming along beautifully :))

  • At 3:23 pm, Blogger zoeandcooper said…

    What a gorgeous pendant. Your hubby is quite talented!!

  • At 4:34 pm, Blogger karensff said…

    Stargazer looks lovely. Those dark greens look gorgeous. Also that pendant is lovely!

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